DoorProtect Plus Fibra

Wired indoor motion, shock, and tilt detector
Three missions of one device
DoorProtect Plus is equipped with two reed switches and an accelerometer to detect opening, shocks and tilts. When installed on doors, shopfronts, panoramic and dormer windows, the detector reports intrusion instantly.
Accelerometer to detect
Shocks | Tilt
Fibra line connection
up to 2,000 m
Two colours
The magnet can be installed to the right or left side of the detector
2 reed switches
Terminals to connect a third-party NC detector
Data-rich notifications
Jewelry store
DoorProtect Plus Fibra in Hall No.1 is offline. Connection via Fibra channel lost.
Jewelry store
Lid closed, DoorProtect Plus Fibra in Hall No.1
Jewelry store
Lid is open, DoorProtect Plus Fibra in Hall No.1
Remote control and setup
Energy consumption
up to 55 µA
Hassle-free installation
Smart Bracket