DualCurtain Outdoor

Wireless outdoor bidirectional curtain motion detector

Protecting property boundaries

DualCurtain Outdoor controls your property perimeter without creating obstacles for people who are already inside. Two independent optical systems with narrow viewing sectors and flexible settings allow you to accurately adjust 30 meters of the detection zone, excluding possible sources of false alarms. The ELSA unique software reacts to intruders, screening out triggers like natural interferences and pets.
Flexible settings of detection zones
Two detectors in one
Masking sensors
Unique optical systems
Flexible settings of detection zones

Engineering accuracy

On the sides of the detector there are two optical systems with narrow viewing sectors, each equipped with two PIR sensors. Thanks to temperature compensation, detection is always accurate. Sensor signals are analyzed by our new ELSA digital algorithm. Only if two sensors of the same optical system simultaneously capture human motion, the detector activates an alarm.

Efficiency in the near area

DualCurtain Outdoor features a technology to expand the protected area, which is unique among outdoor curtain motion detectors. When Near Area Detection is enabled, the detector’s upper PIR sensor receives an additional narrow viewing sector directed at the angle of 40 degrees down against the main sector. The feature allows both sensors to detect movement when a human crosses the protected perimeter closely to the detector’s body, addressing the problem of the blind spot, which is a typical problem of such detectors.

Near Area Detection is designed to protect windows and other passages that animals have no access to. The proximity of the detection zones’ vectors significantly reduces the efficiency of pet immunity.
Near Area Detection mode is a patented technology of Ajax Systems.
Near Area Detection technology is supported by both DualCurtain Outdoor optical systems
Press the switch to expand the protected area
Near Area Detection technology is supported by both DualCurtain Outdoor optical systems
Near Area Detection
  • Off
  • On

One enclosure. Two independent detectors.

The detection range of the two optical systems is adjusted independently. It allows you to precisely set the perimeter guarded by DualCurtain Outdoor and avoid false alarms caused by a bush swaying in the wind or people passing on a public sidewalk. So that the detector’s field of view is not blocked by a column or downpipe on a facade, the optical systems can be shifted vertically. In the app, you can adjust the sensitivity or deactivate one of the optical systems.
The range is determined within 15 meters for each optical system
Press the switch to set the motion detection distance
The range is determined within 15 meters for each optical system
Detection distance
  • near
  • far
The entrance to the building and the windows are under control. The path beside the house is outside the protected area.
Sector of view of each optical system shifts 3° horizontally
Press the switch so that an obstacle does not block the detector's field of view
Sector of view of each optical system shifts 3° horizontally
Beam direction
  • +3°
  • 0
Beam direction
Both or only one optical system can be used
Press the switch to turn off the detector’s side
Both or only one optical system can be used
Right side area
Left side area

Resistant to attacks

DualCurtain Outdoor can not be unnoticeably blinded or disabled even if Ajax is disarmed. Detector’s optical systems are reinforced with advanced masking sensors that respond to obstacles, covering and painting the lenses. The tamper will not allow to unnoticeably remove the device from the mount. And even if the detector is instantly destroyed, it will take the hub less than a minute to detect the loss of communication and inform a central monitoring station and users about the problem.
  • Anti-masking
  • Tamper
  • Frequent pings by a hub

Outstanding autonomy

Due to its low energy consumption, DualCurtain Outdoor operates for years from pre-installed batteries. A monitoring station and users will be warned in advance about the need for the device maintenance.
  • Up to 4 years of battery life
  • Charge level in the app
  • Low battery notification

Installation without brain teasers

The process of connecting and configuring DualCurtain Outdoor saves the installation engineer’s time in the best possible way. To add a detector to the system, all you have to do is scan the QR code with the Ajax app, assign a name and a room to it. Configure the device in the app in real time while testing detection zones and communication. If necessary, the detector can be disabled or its system parameters can be reconfigured remotely, without site visits.
Adding to the system via QR code
Installation on the SmartBracket mounting panel without disassembling the body
Configuring in the app
Adding to the system via QR code
Installation on the SmartBracket mounting panel without disassembling the body
Configuring in the app

Professional installation

Qualified engineers guarantee the quality installation of devices and disclosure of all the features of your security system.

Tech specs

Electro-optical radio channel security detector
Type of detector
Installation method
Indoors / outdoors
Sensing element
4 × PIR sensor
Motion detection distance
From 4 to 15 m (depending on settings) for each optical system
Protection against false alarms
Alarm signal delivery time
0.15 s
Detection angle
Horizontal — 6°
Vertical — depending on settings
Time for motion detection
From 0.3 to 2 m/s
Adjustable, 3 levels
Power supply
2 × CR123А batteries, 3 V
Battery life
Up to 4 years

Temperature sensor
Jeweller radio technology
Communication range a control panel — up to 1,700 m in an open space
Two-way communication between devices
Operating frequencies — 868.0–868.6 MHz1
Self-adjusting RF output power — up to 20 mW
Block encryption based on AES algorithm
Detector ping interval — 12−300 s
Frequency hopping

Learn more about Jeweller
Operating temperature range
From −25°С to +60°С
Permissible humidity
Up to 95%
Protection class
Protection against forgery
Jamming detection
174 × 123 × 88 mm
615 g
24 months from the date of sale

Service life
10 years
Complete set
DualCurtain Outdoor motion detector
SmartBracket mounting panel
2 × CR123A batteries (pre-installed)
Installation kit
User guide

Outdoor motion sensors for alarm

The protection of the perimeter of both private premises and enterprises needs signal protection. To detect and fix movement in the controlled area, installing a motion sensor is suitable.

Types of sensors and how they work

Types of outdoor sensors by location:

  1. Perimetric — the type of motion detectors are installed along the territory’s perimeter and determine the movement in the protected area.
  2. Peripheral presence sensors are mounted on the facades of houses and fences. Detects such a sensor a moving object if the limits of action are violated.

The principle of operation of outdoor security sensors:

An electronic security motion detector for outdoor installation is equipped with a microwave, optical or acoustic sensor, and often a signalling device for lighting control. The sensor captures changes in the field of action, after which, when presence is detected, it transmits an alarm signal to the alarm control panel, which activates the siren.

Presence detectors for signalling, for the most part, operate in a diameter of five meters, but industrial sensors detect movement at a distance of 10-15 meters. For installation in industrial areas, a motion detector is used, to which a flashlight or spotlight is connected.

According to the type of radiation, motion sensors for alarms are divided into:

  • Infrared sensor — used to protect the land. Infrared motion detectors for alarms are sensitive to the temperature of the human body in motion, which is recognized by radiation. This type of radio sensor is used in domestic conditions.
  • Microwave sensor — the concept of operation is based on the principle of Doppler’s rays. The sensor emits a constant signal that a person will not feel, but when the boundaries are violated, it activates the siren.
  • Ultrasonic sensor — the principle of operation is similar to the previous type of sensor. This species is considered the hardiest. Can work around the clock.

Advantages of having a motion sensor

The presence detector for outdoor installation is used to protect the premises and property owners. Additionally, it can be equipped with a video surveillance camera and control the light. The motion detector can control the alarm, halogen light, fire system and other protection mechanisms.

Installation of street presence sensors

Presence detector installation methods depend on the selected device type. Most detectors are connected using a 220V power cable, but wireless outdoor security motion sensors are becoming more and more popular. This type of detector is more efficient than a wired one, as it continues to work in extreme conditions due to autonomous communication. In most cases, the operation of wireless outdoor motion sensors is supported by batteries or accumulators.

How to connect the presence sensor:

  1. It is necessary to develop a motion sensor connection project before installation. To do this, you need a site plan. When planning the placement of the detector, it is worth considering that communication pipes, especially heating ones, should not be located near it. And also users need to avoid direct sunlight on the device and obstructions to the signal.
  2. The instructions will be provided with the chosen detection device, where there is an item: installation tips. Depending on the type of outdoor detector, it must be connected in parallel or series. When installed in parallel, the sensor and the central panel are located opposite each other. When connected in series, the detector is mounted first, and then the signal receiver or switch.
  3. The following steps vary by manufacturer. In most cases, a mounting kit is included with the motion sensor.

Outdoor bidirectional security motion sensor curtain Ajax DualCurtain Outdoor

The Ajax DualCurtain Outdoor wireless motion sensor detects and prevents intrusion into a guarded area. The detector ignores animals up to 80 cm and birds. Weather factors also do not cause false alarms. The device is protected from unauthorized influence by intruders — varnishing, dismantling, hanging, protected from dust and splashes and operates at air temperatures below 0 ° C. The operating range is adjustable up to 30 meters.

The principle of operation of the Ajax DualCurtain Outdoor outdoor motion detector

The Ajax DualCurtain Outdoor motion sensor for signalling detects human movement using two built-in independent IR sensors that detect the infrared radiation of living beings. A two-factor ELSA algorithm checks the data received by the device. It determines the similarities and spectral patterns between two sensor signals, which helps to avoid false alarms. The sensor range is adjustable in up to 30 meters, 15 meters in each direction.

Features of the wireless outdoor motion sensor Ajax DualCurtain Outdoor

Detection accuracy

Two optical systems with narrow viewing sectors are placed on both sides of the detector. Each of the systems operates based on two IR sensors. The sensor detection accuracy is high due to temperature compensation. A two-factor algorithm analyzes the signals that the sensor gives, and if two sensors simultaneously record the movement of a person, the sensor raises the alarm.

Detection of objects in the near zone

The DualCurtain Outdoor wireless outdoor motion detector uses technology to expand the protected area. When the sensor’s top IR sensor is turned on, it receives an additional narrow sector of view directed at an angle of 40 degrees downward from the primary sector. The mode allows two sensors to detect movement when a person enters a protected perimeter, levelling the blind zone characteristic of such sensors.

When the user activates “Near Detection”, the sensor monitors windows and passages that animals cannot access. The proximity of the vectors of the detection zones reduces the effectiveness of immunity to animals.

One housing — two independent sensors

It is possible to adjust the range of the two sensors independently. This allows you to accurately set the protected perimeter of the DualCurtain Outdoor and eliminate false alarms from random passers-by or trees swaying in the wind. In the mobile application, you can adjust the sensitivity of wireless sensors or deactivate one optical system.

Resistant to deactivation attempts

DualCurtain Outdoor is resistant to interference. Thanks to the tamper on the device case, it will not be possible to remove the device from the mount — an alarm will be triggered. The optical systems of the detector are equipped with masking sensors that react to obstacles, painting of the body and curtaining of the device.

The DualCurtain Outdoor cannot be blinded or silently disabled even if the burglar alarm is disarmed. Even if the wireless motion sensor DualCurtain Outdoor is destroyed instantly, the hub control panel will detect the loss of communication in less than a minute and inform the security console and users about the problem.

Motion detector autonomy for DualCurtain Outdoor alarm

The DualCurtain Outdoor has optimized power consumption, which allows the device to work up to four years without changing batteries. The wireless sensor will warn users of the security system to replace the batteries.

Convenient installation of the motion sensor

The outdoor motion sensor for alarm is mounted on the SmartBracket mount, without harm to repair and without disassembling the sensor housing. The wireless device connects to the smart control panel via a mobile application.

To add a wireless motion sensor to the system, you need to scan the QR code with the Ajax application and assign a name and room to the device. Setting up the outdoor detector also takes place in real-time with detection and communication zones tests. You can turn off the outdoor motion sensor or reconfigure the system parameters without leaving the protected object.

Connection of a wireless detector to the Hub and ocBridge Plus and uartBridge integration modules is not provided. The security motion sensor works with Hub Plus, Hub 2, Hub 2 Plus and the ReX signal repeater.