CombiProtect Fibra

Wired indoor motion and glass break detector
Key features
Two-factor glass break verification algorithm
By low and high frequencies
Glass break detection distance
180° Glass break detection angle
Pet immunity
Up to 20 kg / Up to 50 cm
Fibra line connection
up to 2,000 m
Two colours
Motion detection angle
Software filter against false alarms
Data-rich notifications
Factory floor No.7
CombiProtect Fibra in Entry is offline. Connection via Fibra channel lost
Factory floor No.7
Lid closed, CombiProtect Fibra in Entry
Factory floor No.7
Lid is open, CombiProtect Fibra in Entry
Remote control and setup
Energy consumption
up to 60 µA
Temperature compensation
Effective detection in heat and cold
Hassle-free installation
Smart Bracket